Festival survival guide with Fantine

Need advice on surviving festival season in style? Ahead of playing The Garden Party in Melbourne, we asked Fantine for her expert festival tips. 

Hi my name is: FANTINE
And I am: a musician who is crazy stoked to be playing at the GARDEN PARTY on Australia Day!
I’d describe my style as: sassy/classy, quirky/cool with elements of diva soul.
….But other people might describe it as: Hmmm I wonder? Maybe we should ask other people. Let’s go!
My most treasured/ worn style piece is: My birthday suit. I wear it everyday. I like to protect it with skinny blacks, a bright pink satin shirt with matching pink lips and Ray Bans. No shoes, but if I must, uber high kickass suede platform Loriblu’s.
My ultimate style icon is: My mother, she is the most stylish person I know. The best clothes I own she got for me. Believe it!
You should never go to a music festival without: AAA pass, wellies and a map! 
The worst smell at a festival is: Someone’s B.O. … Phew!
City festival or country? I think country for the music and the natural surroundings and city for the fashion and comfort (and the music too!). 
My biggest festival “do” is: DO check out as many stages as possible and plan who to see in advance. Woo!
…and my biggest “don’t”: DON’T get plastered and fall under the stage somewhere. *Hiccup*
My best festival memory is: Seeing the whole attending crowd from a high spot and realizing how many people are here to hear some great music. Took my breath away. Respect peeps!
…..And my worst: Getting heat exhaustion and spending the rest of afternoon inside trying to get my breath back, all the while missing some amazing music… I think I need a ‘palm leaf boy’!

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