Festival survival with Oh Mercy

Who better to dish the festival survival advice than Aussie festival regulars Oh Mercy? No one that's who. So sit back and enjoy the pearls of wisdom (and summer playlist) from frontman Alexander Gow. 

I am:
Alexander Gow

...and I’d describe my style as: Pretty good, could be a little better. A few pairs of RM Williams could use a resole. Couple of suits with a dry clean.

….But other people might describe it as: Perfect

My most treasured/ worn style piece is: My Pendleton black suede vest with a Navajo felt print on the back.

My ultimate style icon is: Joe Strummer

You should never go to a music festival without:
Your ticket.

City festival or country? Triffids or Midnight Oil?

 My biggest festival “do” is: Try to see some bands

…and my biggest “don’t”: Don't argue with police, they love when you do that. (The police do a good job)

My best festival memory is: Paul Kelly at Meredith Music Festival 

…..And my worst: Getting stuck talking to an unnamed musician on an unnamed substance about why "Paul Simon's Graceland is the greatest album of all time". I may have started with conversation with a statement to the contrary. In fact I did. 

Check out Gow's summer playlist and get ready to see Oh Mercy at Garden Party festival.

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