Five minutes with High Highs

ASOS x High Highs

1. Tell us about yourself, what you do and what you are passionate about…
My name is Jack, I sing in the band High Highs. I’m passionate about the music we make. Also Welsh corgis, ponchos, and English ale.

2. How would you describe your style and what or who, if anyone, are your influences or icons?
My style is fairly simple. I don’t know what to wear most of the time. My style icon is Daniel Craig.

3. What are your treasured style pieces – the things that you can’t live without?
Currently I’m really into my Steven Alan beanie that I've been wearing this winter. Usually all hats look terrible on me, but this one is working out.

4. How important is music in your life and why?
I can't really walk anywhere without my iPod, even though I have a love/hate relationship with the concept of the iPod. If I'm at home, I'm playing my guitar or my Rhodes piano or I’ll put a record on. I'd say it’s a pretty major part of my life.

5. What is it that you love about festivals? What are your main ingredients for the greatest festivals?
The chaos can be all encompassing and amazing, but also overwhelming. For me the ideal festival would take place on a nice cool day with great artists.

6. Any festival do’s and don’ts that have helped you survive festivals in the past?

7. What are you most looking forward to this year?
Playing shows in Australia. It'll be our first time playing in our hometown as a band.

8. What is your favourite festival memory (if you can remember them)?
I once lost my shirt in a mosh pit, so I had no choice but to purchase another one at the merch tent. It was awful. But the girl behind the counter felt sorry for me and she told me who the "special guest" was on the main stage. It was Snoop Dogg. That worked out I suppose.

9. …and your worst?
See above.

10.  What are your plans for the year ahead? Anything that you can share with us?
We already have a lot of good songs kicking around for our second record. We're looking forward to working on that when we have time, amongst the touring.

The High Highs

ASOS Work Shirt: If it's really hot the button-up shirt might be too much, but I love pink.
ASOS Denim Shorts In Skinny Fit: Summer shorts are a no-brainer.

The High Highs

ASOS Spot Jumper: You never know, it might get chilly at night.
ASOS Varsity Jacket In Quilted Fabric: ...or even cold?

The High Highs

ASOS Work Shirt: Black and buttoned up? Probably too hot but I'd still wear it.
ASOS Skinny Jeans In Washed Blue: I find sky blue friendly.

The High Highs

ASOS 5 Pack Socks: If I'm wearing all black and grey, I might as well have a little colour somewhere.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Flat Brow Sunglasses: Essential for the bright sunlight!

The High Highs

Eastpak Klosser Backpack: Sometimes I like to go on a picnic away from the festival to listen to things from a distance.
Nike Free Run Trainers: I'd wear these in the morning to recon the surrounding area of a festival – if it was in the country.

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